About us

The purpose of coinscatalog.net is to make this site as simple, organized and easy to use as it is possible. As a basis we use coins clasification of the world coin catalog. We are pleased to offer our users the easiest and the fastest way to identify coins by unique automatic coin identification system by photo. Currantly, this is beta version of the system but we are working to improve it.

The other way to identify and determine the value of your coin is by using the the coinscatalog.net filters or common search. Simply look up the denomination (the stated value on the coin), match the design type, find the date and mintmark then use this information for filters on website. We are sure that you will identify your coin in 2 -3 clicks. On coin page you can see the most important grades and prices for all grades for certain coin. The value of your coin depends on its grade. You can get an approximate idea of the grade by using FAQ page.

Coins prices you can find on the website are generated according to market trends and must be perceived as recommendations. We try constantly update prices and follow market changes.

We are working to improve our service. If you have any suggestions or ideas please contact us!
Published: 10/26/2016