Identify my coin by photoBETA

Automatic coin identification system by coinscatalog.NET. Take a photo of your coin, upload it - the system will try to provide you with full info of your coin, including prices.

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To get the best search results

To get the best results in searching by image, take a photo of your coin following a few simple tips given below.

  • PlacingPlease, take photo with the maximum size of the coin within the photo format. After loading the photo you will be able to use crop tool.
  • BackgroundTo get the best search results, take photo of the coin on the white background, such as a sheet of paper. Good lighting is important in order to maximize contrast between the coin and background.
  • PerspectivePhoto without perspective reduction will help you to get better search results.
  • LevelingDon’t forget about good observance of the coin's level vertically and horizontally.

Automatic recognition currently in beta version. We strive every day to improve recognition results, make it more precise and quicker. If you are not satisfied with the search results of Automatic coin identification system - please use the filters or standard search. If you have any ideas or suggestions about this service - feel free to contact us via contact form.