Coin Grading Tutorial

About good (G-3 )

About good is slightly better than fair coins and the date is hard to read but even the major details are worn down or nearly removed from the coin due to wear.

Good (G-4)

Good coins have heavy wear but you can still see the date. usually the date is worn down or merges with the rim of the coin. the major details are also smoothed out or mostly gone.

Very Good (VG-8)

Coins in very good condition have heavy wear on them but the major details are more visible. the central details are still worn down and barely existing.

Fine (F-12)

Fine coins still contain a lot of wear but the overall design is bold and clear. Also, the rims of the coins are nearly separated as well.

Very Fine (VF-20)

A Very Fine coin grade indicates that the rims are clear and much of the wording is clear. There is moderate wear to the coin and the finer details are beginning to appear.

Extremely (Extra) Fine (EF-40)

A grade of Extra Fine or Extremely Fine is given to a coin with very little wear and much of the major and minor details are clear and bold.

About Uncirculated (AU-50)

A coin that is about or nearly uncirculated has very little wear but may have contact marks or scratches from other coins that came in contact or from the machines. AU-50 is not a very appealing coin but it is still nearly uncirculated.

Uncirculated - Mint State Basal (MS-60)

These coins are uncirculated but usually have a lot of ugly contact marks and scratches usually resulting from wear and tear of flowing through the machines at the mint. There is almost no luster and the coin is not visually appealing, but it is still uncirculated.

Select Uncirculated (MS-63)

An uncirculated coin with fewer deficiencies than coins in lower uncirculated grades. In general, this will be an uncirculated coin with relatively ordinary eye appeal. Select Uncirculated is sometimes used to refer to a coin grading MS-62.

Choice Uncirculated (MS-64)

An uncirculated coin with moderate distracting marks or deficiencies. These coins generally have average to above average eye appeal. Choice Uncirculated is sometimes used to refer to a coin grading MS-63.

Choice Brilliant Gem Uncirculated (MS-65)

A choice brilliant uncirculated is a coin with nearly full luster, almost no contact marks and is highly appealing with a great strike at the mint.

Deep Mirror Prooflike (65-DMPL)

Mean a piece with mirrorlike surfaces-like a pool of silver or mercury. DMPL term usually use for describing certain Morgan Dollars that were struck for circulation but have unusually clean mirror fields and often frosty devices, similar to a genuine Proof coin.

Choice proof (PRF-63)

Surfaces are reflective with only a few blemishes in the field of the coin. No major flaws or scratches.

Proof (PRF-65)

The PRF scale is used for proof coins and runs from 1 to 70 just like the normal MS scale. A Proof 65 coins is just like a Choice Brilliant Gem Uncirculated MS-65 coin except the coin is a proof. Proof coins are those with mirror-like surfaces which are specially struck longer and with greater pressure with thicker planchets. Typically, these special coins are meant only for collectors and are found in cases or sets.

Specimen Proof (SP-70 or PRF-70)

Although very rarely seen, these are attainable grades, since Specimens and Proofs are generally double struck on specially prepared, polished blanks using specially prepared dies on a slow, high pressure press, and the pieces are immediately hand picked off the press with gloved hands and carefully placed in protective holders.